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House Leader John Boehner Holds Press Briefing At The Capitol

How the Republican Party can save itself, and reform US electoral politics

Obama and the Democrats largely faced down and won a referendum this week.  Obama lost only two states that he carried in the 2008 election and gained 71% of the Latino vote.  Though Republicans held on to the House, they […]

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1 nuclear iran

Now is not the time to attack Iran

In his Foreign Affairsarticle Matthew Kroenig makes the dangerous case that a strike on Iran now is the least bad option comparing it to the prospect of containing

The US rural urban divide

Rural development programs do little to subsidize the family farm, and those which are able to survive now receive the majority of their income from non-farm sources.[1]  The

World commodities for trade

Global Agriculture Policy (GAP): Problems and Proposals

View the PDF article: Global Agriculture Policy (GAP): Problems and

Classical Elite Theory

Elite theory first identifies its subjects by class.  A broader, more cohesive understanding of elites as a group characterizes them by skill, values, personality and attitude as well.            

Agriculture policy creation in the United States

Agriculture in theUnited Statesbegan to demand a voice in government by 1820.  The plea for representation by rural citizens and agricultural constituents was met with the creation of

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