About Us

wikopoli is the community for innovation in policy design and development. In an age of advanced democracy and political involvement, individuals may have their votes counted but their ideas go unvoiced. wikopoli is a leap towards the democratization not just of policy implementation, but of policy development.

wikopoli is a repository of fresh and refined ideas for a changing world that needs them. In the wikopoli community, the inexperienced and the formally uneducated work alongside the globally and academically active, with equal input judged only by the merit of concepts, to design new policy.

wikopoli is designed for the writing of policy, the collaboration of passionate groups and the dissemination of stellar ideas. wikopolites are local and global thinkers who have the knowledge and capability to design and develop appropriate policies that cannot be contrived within the formal houses of government.

Better ideas are to come from the front lines of history. It is time to allow the leaders on the ground to deliver the data and propose the next great steps. wikopoli is the home of democracy’s new leaders and the end of top down policy making.

design community. develop history. wikopolize.

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