Education reform in US schools drives success in the global economy

Education reform will be, and should be, the next great challenge in American politics.  Despite the Nobel Prizerecently awarded to an American chemist, US students lag terribly compared to other countries in national scores for science and mathematics.

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 05: (L-R) Executive Editor at Time Nancy Gibbs, Founder and Chair of College Track Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and CEO of Teach for America Wendy Kopp and Chancellor of the Public Schools in the District of Columbia Michelle Rhee attend the Fortune Most Powerful Women summit at Mandarin Oriental Hotel on October 5, 2010 in Washington, DC.

Several decades ago President Kennedy outlined an objective to land a man on the moon.  He challenged citizens with an impressive goal, not because it was important that men occupy the moon, but because he knew that humans are often goal driven.  He knew that if his countrymen could be convinced of the merits of a specific scientific goal, overall interest and activity to educate in the areas of science, engineering and technology would be improved.  Kennedy made the 80s possible.

Since the 90s political in-fighting and a larger breakdown of civil society – “the disappearance of common courtesy, the relentless stream of data from digital devices, the proliferation of lawsuits and the insidious influence of media on children” – has eroded civic involvement and even markedly influenced a decaying economy.

America needs a challenge to pick itself up.  It will not come from a broken political system with an increasingly unpopular leadership; it must come from students, parents, and the greater public.  This challenge should start with the education of future generations.

Taking the lead from Michelle Rhee, the Schools Chancellor of Washington DC, this country needs a major education overhaul.  Ineffective teaching supported by tenure and faulty planning, and low expectations set by parents and school systems are only some of the culprits.  The local and federal education focus need to be re-geared towards pay for performance, and performance based heavily on success in science and technology.

The re-education of our youth is a goal that every American can support as it affects the future of the entire nation.  Such a goal would go a long way to improving American standing in the world, and to re-establishing American economic and technological preeminence around the globe.

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