Developments in global health begin in the US

While First Lady Obama’s healthy eating program focuses on obesity, health and nutrition in our nation’s children, youth populations abroad are dying of starvation.  It is unfortunate that the world’s leading developed nation must place so much focus on the health effects of its own overconsumption when entire populations suffer from ailments that haven’t affected Americans for generations.

These issues are of the same ilk in fact.  Both will be addressed through education and communication.

Children in sub-Saharan Africa often die from otherwise curable diseases simply because they cannot get to adequate care quickly enough.  Saving lives does not necessarily mean addressing the availability of antibiotics and operating rooms.  Addressing logistics to ensure the availability of clean drinking water and reliable transportation can go a long way to saving lives.

When symptoms are not recognized quickly diseases can rapidly become more complicated.  Simply communicating awareness details of specific diseases to tribal shamans and local health care providers can teach them to be more effective care takers.  Quickly identifying symptoms in Ill children can facilitate their speedy transfer to regional clinics, increasing the possibility for better outcomes.

In the US, awareness and education will likewise go a long way for national health.  Citizens require nutritional information and exercise training to address common illnesses, like obesity and diabetes that people suffer from more and more.

We can do both however, by focusing on domestic health policy.  The more the rich are educated about healthy lifestyle choices the greater the cost-savings will be in the US.  If this state can reduce the money spent on elective and unnecessary treatments and procedures, it will create available capital that can be dedicated elsewhere.  Surplus GDP from a healthier US electorate can be dedicated abroad to addressing more difficult and more deadly health issues in the developing world.

Focus on education and communication in the US will ultimately lead to better education and outcomes in the developing world.

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